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Where the heck are we?

Welcome to my website! My name is Kali!! This site is mostly just a place to put my art and practise html, but I also talk about music and stuff I like here I guess! This place is probably going to be a WIP forever, but right now it's useable!! The site is probably not mobile friendly, sorry ;w;

Also special thanks to Dave for showing me Neocities!! DeviantART got an absolutely horrible update, so I needed a place to escape that. He suggested neocities and it's been pretty fun making my own website!! Go check out his site!!

Dave's website

Also here are some links if you wanna see my drawings and stuff I don't really us insta or tumblr much but they're there if you wanna see them

Will update with more!


Site updates!!

JUNE 29TH 2020

Attempted to make my site fully responsive but I failed. It should look a little nicer on square screens now though, and you could possibly go on it on your phone if you turn your phone sideways-

JUNE 26TH 2020

Added a chatbox! I didn't code it myself, I tried, but I ended up just using Cbox-

JUNE 25TH 2020

I decided the wall of art was stupid so I made a new page for my art. It's a WIP but I'll have it done in a day or two! Also removed the top bar because I thought it looked stupid. Replaced it with a sidebar--though it's more of a box than a bar really

Then later I got back to it and to list all the changes would be insane. I pretty much finished the site for now, why don't you explore it?

JUNE 24TH 2020

I ended up getting rid of the blog page, but I do intend to add it back!! I put all my art onto one big wall, which I'll update later to make it look a bit nicer. Spent most of the day removing and adding random things

Started working on the site again later, and I added the background back! It's a gradient checkerboard now, instead of the old blue / pink / white checkerboard. Also changed the sidebar into a top bar

JUNE 23RD 2020

This is the start of the entire site overhaul!! I removed that background and got rid of the homepage, replaced it with this placeholder type thing. Also added a blog page so that's kinda cool

JUNE 12TH 2020

Got rid of the "newest posts" thing, it got very annoying to mess around with. Also added new art to the site, plan to make some buttons!

JUNE 3RD 2020


I added some more art to the site!! And also changed the new post thing from 2 posts to 4 posts, that's it lol

MAY 25TH 2020

FINALLY added something to the digital art page, also made the images in the traditional art page a bit smaller, made a couple other minor edits around the site.

MAY 22ND 2020

Posted some new art!! Made a few minor edits around the site too, may make more small edits, nothing major today

MAY 18th 2020

Posted a BUNCH of new art! And by new I mean one I did today and they rest I did awhile ago lol! Made a few minor edits on the traditional art page, added a "new posts" type section to the home page. Removed the "things to remember" box, it was just a dumb placeholder anyway

MAY 17TH 2020

Added in a page for my character designs! Also edited the "not found" page and a few other minor edits. Planning to post more art!

MAY 16TH 2020

Whoops, I abandoned this project for a little bit. But now that I'm back I'm starting to make this site into what I want it to be!! I replaced the test page with some of my traditional art! Also changed the size of all the boxes, renamed the site, and made some other minor edits.

MAY 2ND 2020

I added a link to Dave's site on the sidebar! Also changed the background because the old one did not repeat well

APRIL 28TH 2020

Added a navigation sidebar at way too early in the morning, added social media buttons to replace the link on the front page

APRIL 27TH 2020

Added textboxes to the front page, and started making another page! Made other minor edits to the front page. Also added this site updates thing!! I plan to get rid of this once I deem the website to be "done".

APRIL 24TH 2020

First joined Neocities, hooray! Only made coloured text and a background