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Welcome to my site

Hi my name is Kali, I'm 15 years old and I haven't a clue what I'm doing :D

I mostly made this site as a way to practise coding and to have a place to post art after Deviantart Eclipse happened, but now I have no idea what it's turned into lol

  • I just kinda make whatever, I'm hoping to put more stuff on this site as I learn coding and stop procrastinating on my creative projects! I plan to put drawings and maybe some other cool stuff on here idk lol
  • I can now say, that all images on the this site (except for the "links" page of course, people make their own banners) are my own! (I intend to decorate more) Please do not use any images found on this site without my permission. Unless I mark them in my art page (haven't made this yet) as F2U then just use with credit to me please!

  • That should be all now lol
  • Have a nice day today!!