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I put colours on blank areas for fun c:

This is where I keep my art!! Welcome!!

IMPORTANT: ALL images on this page are my own artwork, please do not trace, edit, steal or repost elsewhere / use on your own site.

"12:28 PM"

This was a quick warm-up doodle and a revenge attack! Killing two birds with one stone! (No I didn't finish anything else today, I spent like 5 hours animating and I'm slowly working on another project right now)

Date drawn: July 5th 2020

Character: Java

"12:55 AM"

Remember glittery GIFs? Me neither but I love how they look! I used to make them a lot, but I stopped, and I saw this character and thought "hey that'd make a good glitter gif" so here we are. This was fun to make!! Yes this is another Artfight attack, the 6th one!

Date drawn: July 4th 2020

Character: Lucille

"11:15 PM"

A revenge attack!! I think this is my 5th this year!! Not a lot to say lol

Date drawn: July 3rd 2020

Character: Randall

"1:30 PM"

Artfight is finally working!! Yay!! This is my 4th attack this year, and I'm really proud of it!! Posten looked really fun to draw, and the blue and green slightly reminded me of Windows XP, so I sorta drew the Windows XP background for this! Well it's not exact, but it looks similar so it works lol. I found out the image is called "Bliss" so that's a fun piece of trivia for you!

Date drawn: July 3rd 2020

Character: Posten

"10:55 PM"

I completely give up on original title ideas, so most, if not all, of my Artfight attacks this year are going to be named after the time I finished them at c:

This one is quite different to what I usually make and it's honestly a welcome change, I LOVE how this turned out!! I had so much fun with the creepy-cute design! This is for undeadsolaris! I'm really excited to show this to them!

Date drawn: July 2nd 2020

Character: BlueSky

"4:30 PM"

Second Artfight attack of the year!! Though I can't really sumbit ANYTHING to Artfight because it's so flooded still ;-; good thing I saved a bunch of references!! This is for Kosmika! I had fun drawing Hex, I love her aesthetic!! This took me too much time to make tho ;w;

Date drawn: July 2nd 2020

Character: Hex

"12:30 AM"

My first Artfight attack of the year! And my first piece of glitch art in awhile! I don't know why I don't make much glitch art, I love making it and it looks really damn cool!! Anyway this attack is for Hoseri!! (I had to type that URL out because artfight has too much traffic for me to actually use it ugh) I drew their character, Tokral, who was too complicated for even me to draw! So I simplified them a little (their ref said it was ok) and just kinda did what I wanted lol. It was fun!

Date drawn: July 1st 2020

Character: Tokral


So I was impatiently browsing artfight, waiting for the event to start, trying to find characters to draw later, but then I saw telepathy's characters and COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!! So I doodled her char, Twyla, to pass some of the time C:

I've managed to waste enough time doing whatever that now there's only half an hour left until the event! There's this one character I have my eye on, and I'm gonna start sketching him as soon as it hits seven o'clock my time! I'm so excited!!!

Date drawn: July 1st 2020

Character: Twyla


A long time ago my friend Sandra and I did a design trade!! Like all designs I get, it takes me months and months to actually start working on them. Today I finally drew her AND gave her a name! Naming characters is harder than dring them I swear to god-

Meet Hikari, a friendly pastel ghost girl! Not a lot of people can see her though, so she ends up scaring people she just wants to be friends with ;w;

Date drawn: June 26th 2020

Character: Hikari

"Pink Milk"

I changed my style YET AGAIN!! I'm really happy with how this style looks so hopefully I'll keep it for awhile lol

This is a design I got AGES ago and only just started paying any attention to now. Meet Tiger!! A cute, girly, pastel cat. She drinks tons of strawberry milk

Date drawn: June 23rd 2020

Character: Tiger

"Hehe pink snek"

So I opened DeviantART after awhile and saw that thou-art-avillain wanted to do an art trade!! Of course I accepted! I drew their OC, which is a demon based off of the deadly sin, lust. Mostly because she was pink and that's one of my favourite colours!! She was really fun to draw!! Also I started adding sparkles on the eyelashes of my drawings again, because I found an old drawing where I used that technique and I thought it looked really cute!!

Date drawn: June 23rd 2020

Character: Lust


A sort of art trade I did with my friend, PennyLane! We just sorta drew each other's characters as gifts at around the same time and called in an art trade lol

I had tons of fun drawing Lucie!! Especially her hair, she has the best hair!!

Date drawn: June 19th 2020

Character: Lucie

"Space is interesting"

The Youtube algorithm decided I watch South Park now, and I've watched aound 10 and a half seasons of it already at the time of writing this-

I made a doodle of Kyle on DeviantART, and another fan of South Park, catinjapan, said they liked it, then I found out they had kinsonas of South Park characters! So I wanted to draw their kinsona of Craig. I did this while watching South Park lol-

Date drawn: June 13th 2020

Character: Cray


Karuluck, one of my favourite artists, redesigned his OC, Jinx. I HAD to draw him!! This was really fun to make!!

Date drawn: June 9th 2020

Character: Jinx

"It is gay month"

A simple pride drawing because I can

Date drawn: June 3rd 2020

Character: Yukio

"1 PM"

More tree practise, except I'll probably use these kinds of colours. I don't like using green that much lol, I prefer blues and turquoises.

Date drawn: May 31st 2020


I was working on my comic, and the first panels took place in a forest, but then I remembered something: I can not draw trees. So I spend an afternoon learning how!! I'm pretty happy with how it looks! I followed a tutorial and then stylised it a little bit.

Date drawn: May 31st 2020

Tutorial: Anime tree tutorial =)

"Style Test"

For awhile, my digital art program wasn't exporting my colours correctly, so I drew only traditionally for awhile. Then I finally fixed it, but I forgot most of my digital art techniques!! So I spent an afternoon re-learning them all. I should really write them down lol

Date drawn: May 26th 2020

Character: TBN (I've had her forever and she still has no name ;-;)

"Gothic Doll"

This one was really fun to do!! I love drawing goth cats! I kind of took some creative liberties on the dress, so it probably isn't accurate to any specific time period.

Date drawn: May 18th 2020

Character: Maple

"Peaceful and Aesthetic"

I used to use a lot more stars in my art, and this design kinda reminded me of that! So I made a starry picture, like how I used to! Kinda screwed up the colouring again but I still like it! I love this character design!!

Date drawn: May 13th 2020

Character: Black Opal


I LOVE this design so much!! I kinda ruined how pastel it was with my markers though ;-;

Date drawn: May 12th 2020

Character: Chall


VibrantBraxie redesigned their sona so I wanted to draw him!! I messed up a lot on this drawing but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in the end!

Date drawn: May 10th 2020

Character: Bullet

"The Sky is Melting!"

This was meant to be an entirely different character, but I ended up redesigning Karmi. I still haven't redrawn her new design digitally yet, I really should lol

Kinda screwed up the colouring on this one but I still think it looks alright!!

Date drawn: May 9th 2020

Character: Karmi

"Look Sam, a Butterfly!"

So my friend Tallic and I were talking about out OCs in Discord and she told me that her OC, Sam, was very afraid of butterflies. So what did I do? Showed him the biggest, most terrifying butterfly there is--Queen Alexandra's Birdwing. I had tons of fun on this one, the butterfly was really fun to colour!!

Date drawn: May 6th 2020

There are no links to the character as of posting this


This was my first traditional drawing in a long while!! I messed it up tons of times, at one point I even managed to cut off the paw, but I managed to fix it all and make one of my favourite pieces of traditional art so far!!

Date drawn: May 5th 2020

Character: Brooke