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I write whatever here!

Good news for me and my art

Long story short, I got a drawing tablet awhile ago, but I couldn't use it on my computer, so we tried to use it on another computer but it wouldn't work, so we put Windows on that computer and now it works! (If you want a Linux supported tablet, One by Wacom is not for you. Really good tablet for a windos user tho!) so now I can make animations! And comics! I've been wanting to start a comic for awhile now, but I said "This would be easier with a tablet" and used that as an excuse to not work on it ;w;

Well now I have no excuse to not work on it! So after Artfight I will start drawing panels!! And I'm also going to make a new website just for this comic! Yay!!

Written on: July 5th 2020

It's nearly Artfight

Tomorrow is the start of Artfight! This will be my second year participating and I am so excited!! For anyone who doesn't know what Artfight is I'll explain real quick:

Artfight is an art-trading game that happens every year in July. People are split into two teams, and you draw for people on the opposing team to earn points. The more complex your drawing is, the more points you get. The team that gets the most points wins!

I've improved so much since last year! If you're on artfight or plan on joining, link me your profile! Here's my artfight profile, I'm on team sugar!!

Written on: June 30th 2020

Trying to learn Japanese for like the 5th time now

I've tried to learn Japanese many many times, but I keep losing motivation. But I am going to stay motivated this time, I swear! I'm considering making a new page site where I attempt to speak Japanese or something? It's gonna be very bad Japanese at first but if I don't use what I learn, I forget it. That's kinda why I've gotten nowhere in the language in a couple years of scattered motivation. I will definitely learn this language, but for now, 私は日本語わかりません。

Written on: June 27th 2020

Look at this song I found a couple days ago

SOOOO - Happppy song

WARNING! if you do click the link, the video contains a LOT of flashing lights, and some audiences may find the lyrical content disturbing.

This has got to be the heaviest, darkest, most chaotic vocaloid song I've seen in a long time! The instrumental is so noisy, but the melody is so damn catchy! I've looked at other songs from SOOOO too, and they're pretty damn awesome!

Also I'm not sure if I should embed the videos right into the page for these? It'd look nice but it might make the site load slow on weaker devices or slower connections? I haven't for now lol

Written on: June 25th 2020